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Hybrid Service in Belmont

You can count on our Hybrid service in Belmont – 5 Star Auto to provide quality Hybrid service and repair. We are proud to have a certified group of Belmont mechanics trained in the maintenance, service and repair of hybrid vehicles. We care about our local environment and community and for the well-being of future generations of Belmont. We also wanted to thank you for helping in driving your personal hybrid and low-emission vehicle to better our environment.

We have expert Belmont mechanics who use the latest technology and diagnostic tools to handle all models of hybrids! Ford Fusion Hybrids, Toyota Priuses, and Honda Accord Hybrids are just a few models that our Hybrid service in Belmont can take good care of so that you can ensure it’s running better and longer for the future.

Hybrid services include:

  • Electrical System Diagnosis & 
  • Engine Diagnosis & 
  • Computer 
  • A/C Service & 
  • Factory Recommended 
  • Engine Repair & 
  • Cooling System Service & 
  • Suspension & Steering 
  • Brake System 
  • Pre-Purchase 
  • Tune-ups & Oil Changes