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What is maintenance?

Maintenance is performing services at a routine intervals to keep your vehicle reliable, safe and economical to operate. Every vehicle manufacturer has a maintenance schedule that details their recommended service intervals. We follow this schedule; however, where we find their maintenance recommendations deficient we will suggest additional services to keep your vehicle in its best condition and avoid costly repairs.

My car is new and under warranty. Do I have to take it to the dealer for maintenance service?

No, you are free to choose where your vehicle is serviced. You can count on us to do all of your vehicle's scheduled maintenance. As an independent shop we can provide the added benefit of offering you an unbiased opinion about a warranty covered problem.

Isn't the dealer the best place to take my car for service; after all they are specialists in my vehicle?

While dealerships are specialized in certain makes of vehicles, many times their maintenance schedules have a narrow focus and critical items get missed. Most dealerships are too large to offer personal service and get to know your driving and maintenance needs. As a client of 5 Star Automotive Service of Belmont, Inc., we get to know what you and your vehicle really need and will tailor a maintenance program to suit you. You can rest assured that we have the tools, equipment, training and expertise to service your vehicle.

Do I really save money by maintaining my vehicle?

Absolutely. A JD Powers and Associates study found that it costs 46% more to fix what is broken than to perform preventative maintenance. Over and above the savings of routine maintenance you also reduce stress by having your car serviced on your schedule, not when it decides to quit and leave you stranded. You save additional money because your car lasts longer and is worth more at resale time.

When is it time to have the brake system checked?

First, you should have your brake system checked pursuant to the manufacturer's recommended schedule. In addition, if the car pulls to one side, or the brake pedal pulsates or feels mushy, or if you hear noise when you step on the pedal, you should bring your car in to have the brakes professional examined.

It's been a few years since my last tune-up, but my car is still running fine. Might I still need service?

On most vehicles today, malfunctions may be camouflaged by computers whose function is to keep the engine running as efficiently as possible as long as possible. When they can no longer compensate for mechanical discrepancies, they may just fail. Periodic diagnostic checks and maintenance can prevent this sometimes disastrous situation.

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